KC12 Studio is a forward thinking hybrid of creative and logistics, illuminating your brand inside and out.



We are your all seeing eye. We have a neutral, unemotional perspective that can lend a hand while you handle the analytical aspects of your business .


Your employees are the lifeline of your cash flow and business. Make sure you are utilizing your resources correctly and enjoy the fruits of your labor .



Who you are and what you stand for says everything to your customer|client. What are you saying? We help you identify and connect with your base .

It's 2018, websites are essential doorways into your company.


Businesses, homeowner associations, individual portfolios, e-commerce and more from the ground up.




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Let us give your brand a new coat of paint


Sometimes you're starting from scratch. Sometimes you just need to refresh. Either way, we can help you define your brand and connect with your customers.


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Keep your internals in line.


Fluid employee policy, daily operation systems, and financial strategies that make sense.



Reach the right audience.


Make sure your target market is paying attention to you.


OC Reclamation Land Rehab