Translating the need for savings and investment to a company of stylists.

The stylist project was for a company that employs 60+ stylists and meant solely for internal employee engagement. The owner created a new retail commission match aimed at getting the stylists to boost their sales and stash some much needed investment money away.

It's no secret those who are right brained don't always see numbers as numbers. Hell, I don't even know if they see fact for fact. The right brained individual is driven by creativity and imagination. That is what makes an artist so great. Instead of being clouded by the logic behind something they are wistfully taken by much more exciting factors, especially when faced with a decision to save or spend. Computing compound interest or even understanding it is not something most think about, much less know what it even means.

Both Chloe and I have fortunately been in the beauty and fashion field as a part of our portfolio building past. So, while by a land slide I am geared towards the left side of my brain, I understand how to live in the creative mind. We decided our goal was going to be making these stylists want to not only want to save, but feel like they NEED to save. After all, if you are a stylist your career isn't going to hold out for you to work until you are 80.

The result was a visual masterpiece that implied fear, need, and humor.