KC12 | Chloe Hilton

As you may have guessed, Chloe enjoys long walks on the beach. Chloe's inspiration comes from the majestic southern California coast landscape, the east side of Portland, and once in a while a glass of vodka. For the past decade Chloe has done everything from clothing design and company branding to inventory management and corporate budgets. She can create something out of nothing or find and fix your business downfall. 


KC12 | Krista Hilton

The question should be, what hasn't Krista done? If she doesn't know how to do something she feels that's straight up unacceptable, so she teaches herself how. Resourceful is her middle name and business is her game. Much like her sister she can build you a business from scratch or improve what you already have. Although Krista's brain works the best with straight lines and numbers she has an eye for design and style.